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What to Expect

Designed for students age 11-18, our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels like they belong. Come hungry for food (and the word!) every other Friday starting September 15th! 


Q: Will there be food and snacks for the students?
A: Yes!

Q: Where do I drop my student off?
A: Students can get dropped off in the side alleyway at 400 W. Claremont Street, not the large Hammond parking lot used on Sundays.

Q: How do I know my student will make it inside?
A: A leader will be by the side door area from about 6:55 PM-7:15 PM to make sure students get in ok. 

Q: What if we will be late?
A: If students are going to be later than 7:15 PM, the parents will need to text Sam, Val, or Pastor Matty so that the side gate can be unlocked and students can be let in.

Q: Should my student bring anything?
A: Students are encouraged to bring their Bibles and friends!

Our Leaders

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Our youth team is committed to helping raise up a generation of people on fire for Jesus. We are excited to meet new students and unlock their potential for Jesus. We are available to partner in any way we can to serve each family!


Pictured: leaders Sam and Val, Mitchell Paschall, Mary Becker, and Pastor Matty,

Pictured: Sam and Val, Youth Leads

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