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Youth at The Bridge

Bridge Youth Night Graphic - Feb 3.JPG

Are you 11-18 years old? Have a kid that age? We have big things coming for them!

Through lots of prayer and discussion about how to better serve and equip our Youth with our current resources, we will launch a Friday night youth group, every other Friday, starting January 20!!

We have some amazing volunteers dedicated to seeing the next generation come to enjoy Jesus and excel in love where they live, work, learn, and play! 

We couldn't be more excited to partner with the Lord’s Spirit, the parents, youth, volunteers, and prayers of the church to watch God raise up this next generation of leaders pursuing God’s best!

Please pray as we prepare to begin this new adventure, and if you know anyone between 11-18 years old, encourage them to come!

Our next meeting will be Friday, February 3rd from 7-9 PM!

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Mitchell Paschall, Mary Becker, and Pastor Matty will be Sam & Val's volunteer support staff.

Our Leaders

Sam & Val Carleton have volunteered to lead our youth gatherings, and we know that they're gonna be perfect for the job!


If you'd like to volunteer your time to assist them as they lead, let them know at the button below!

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