In response to local & state safety guidelines due to COVID-19, we currently offer an indoor in-person worship experience at 50% capacity every Sunday at 10 AM at The Bridge Church. 

Wanna join us this weekend?! RSVP now! 

No upcoming events at the moment


Q: Is live streaming still available on YouTube at 10 AM?
A: Yes! Our YouTube Streaming Experience captures our indoor worship experience LIVE.
Q: Is RSVP required to attend The Bridge on Sunday? 
A: Yes, it is. Seats are limited. RSVP on this page if you haven't yet. 
Q: Is social distancing observed?
A: Yes, it is. We’ll arrange our seating to be 6ft apart.
Q: Are face masks required?
A: Yes, face masks will be worn. 
Q: Will the singers and speakers be wearing face masks?
A: No, singers and speakers will not wear face masks while they’re serving. However, they will wear face masks at all other times. 
Q: What’s the distance between the singers and the rest of the congregation? 
A: Our first row is 12ft away from the stage. 
Q: Is check-in required and where is it?
A: Yes, it is. Park in the main parking lot, and check in at the check-in table.
Q: Is seating pre-assigned?
A: Yes, it is. An usher will guide you to your seat after you check in.

Q: Will you keep the double doors open for increased ventilation?

A: Yes! 
Q: Where will Bridge Kids meet?
A: Kiddos will meet outside in our Bridge Kids Outdoor Class for now.
Q: How can I invite friends and family to The Bridge on Sunday? 
A: Simply share this RSVP page with them!