The Gospel

A common truth that often tethers many of us to this world, is that we are the human race. We are a collection of people groups that have travelled from regions far and wide, via various modes of transit, to settle where we are now.

Another perhaps, deeper and more important truth that reminds us of our unveiled home, is that we are all sons and daughters of a very real, ancient yet eternal, all powerful heavenly Father that is pursuing us in every waking moment. While both are true, many of us are destroyed for a lack of knowledge of the latter... an awareness of our "lineage". Those of us who have "some" awareness only know in part. We live in a world where our Father and "His-story" are often tarnished and diluted by our shallow attempts at adding to His eternal goodness and omnipotence with eloquent speech and lists of requirements that He never asked for.

In chapters 6 and more specifically 7 of our book "Fresh Wind Fresh Fire", Jim talks about one of the great many temptations of our age, the lure of novelty or one could call it a desire for relevance and independence. Some leaders, pastors and teachers of our time may every so often, fallen pray to the luring siren of popularity and individualism and may have traded the purity and potency of the simple Gospel, for such idols.

There is nothing more gripping...more provocative than an innocent, perfect, omnipotent God, choosing to wrap Himself in flesh, be beaten and spat upon so that those same people that beat Him and spat upon Him can receive the greatest gift ever given in the history of all mankind.

As believers, we've been given the honor and privilege of experiencing and amplifying the goodness and love of the living God in and through us, as well as the earth.

Other than receiving His love, there's nothing better than showing people how good our heavenly Father is.

Where are some areas where we may have tried to add to the purity and potency of the gospel?

What are some ways we can dethrone our own opinions about the message of Jesus?

How do we keep our hearts in a constant posture of awe and wonder at the goodness and beauty of Jesus while staying ruined for the purity of the Gospel?