If we don’t see God help us, I don’t know...

This passage got to me. Pastor Jim is talking about being unable to find the right words from the pulpit. And that’s something many of us probably will never experience...

But how many times are we faced with situations where we have to console a hurting friend? Situations where we have to utter the right words to calm someone with anger down. Motivate someone, cry with someone, cheer someone on, offer an apology, or even say the right thing on a Zoom call? There have been countless times where I’ve been there.

Pastor Jim stops and says, “if God’s not in this, it’s got to stop.” For me, a massive takeaway was saying exactly that. Whether it’s with words or with anything I’m doing, I want to intenationally say, “if God’s not in this, then it’s got to stop.”

I’m praying that all of us at The Bridge take that mentality and seek God before we say a word, commit to something, stop something, etc.

If God is not in this, then I don’t wanna be.

And sometimes, it will be embarrassing to stick to that heart posture. And that’s okay.

Happy Saturday, fam 💙