How Do You Do?

In many ways, chapters four and five of "Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire" have reminded us of the importance of persistently pursuing God in prayer. We've been challenged to consider and say to ourselves "even at the most minuscule of places in our mind will and emotions, how and why am I doing and saying what I am? And is my end goal to host Jesus and see Him revealed in us and the earth?"

Jim's daughter Chrissy in many ways, was an echo of the prodigal son in (Luke 15:11-32). In some small yet profound way, we see her inheritance at work for her by way of her mother and father's life in God and dependency through prayer.

Of the many things from these 2 chapters that are there for us to grab hold of, there are some key things to chew on.

Would we choose to be a people who have been ruined for the beauty and necessity of a desperate and dependent heart?

Would we be intentional to not allow our eloquence in acquiring a collection of completed tasks for God to define what it means to be and be loved by Him?

What are some ways we can soften and sweeten our hearts for fervent prayer and crying out to the Lord?

How can we be human-beings doing things with the Lord.

Lets pray for increased hunger like never before all over the earth. That great exploits would come out of our being with Him.

How do