God is More than Enough

I have really enjoyed reading "Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire" and attending the book club has been very enlightening for me. Going through the book helped me to bring confirmation and conviction in my heart and direction in life.

One of the main themes I noticed in the book was addressing the issue regarding the dangers of church being more about popularity and increasing the attendance size rather than proclaiming God's message and spiritual growth. In my opinion, I noticed that some churches tend to not preach about the importance of repentance and conviction and in turn present a God that is just going to grant you all your wishes and then turn the gospel message into a self-help book instead of explaining the content and context of the Bible passages. When I read scriptures, I do not see a Jesus that came to be a people-pleaser. What I read is Jesus came to be the Savior, that the forgiveness of sins and path to eternal life is through Christ alone (His grace) and not by our own works or performances.

I am thankful for my time in college as it was the formative years of me truly developing my faith. I am grateful for my college pastor for rebuking me and addressing that I was more focused on human recognition and pleasing people than on knowing who God was. The question he asked me back then to challenge me to keep growing, "Alan, is God enough for your life?" To this day that question challenges me to find contentment with God especially during the hardest times of my life. During a time of crisis and trials, it is clear to me that the most important thing is God wants us to know that He is there with us through it all. That what He provides is far greater than any human recognition or materialistic gift. I can only come to that realization daily through grounding myself in God's Word. What helps me to actively love others is knowing what God has done through me.