Engaging The "Yes"

We've had so much fun reading "Fresh wind, Fresh Fire". In just the first chapter alone, so much has transpired. We've been introduced to young Jim and his wife Carol.

Jim Cymbala

Carol Cymbala

Jim sparsely tells us about his formative years in high-school, the U.S. Naval Academy, as well as his time at University of Rhode Island. Among the things we learn, we see Jim thrusted into a church in Newark, NJ that needed a pastor. There was a theme that spoke to me profoundly. I noticed the countless times Jim and his wife kept giving the Lord their "yes". Both Jim and Carol were constantly placed in positions of great nuance and uncertainty. Yet, they continuously said "yes" to the Lord's leadership.

Jim & Carol Cymbala

We are in such an interesting time in the earth. The "Covid-19" pandemic, similar to Jim and Carol's ebbs and flows of uncertainty, have created great anxiety and uncertainty for many in our world and in our personal lives.

During this time, what are some ways you can give God your "yes" beyond your discomfort, beyond your circumstance?

How can we engage the power and goodness of the Lord's leadership with our own "yes" during this time?

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