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Join us Sunday mornings at 9 AM for Discovery Bible Study! Sign up for a group by clicking "Sign up" above!


We shifted our worship time from 10 AM to 11 AM to make room for as many people as possible to have a really easy Bible Study format on Sunday mornings. 

We found that moving Bible Study to Sunday mornings at The Bridge made it possible for:

  • Our seniors to not have to drive at night.

  • Our parents who are helping their kiddos with after-school activities to not miss out.

  • Our youth, ages 13 - 18, who have Sunday mornings free and don’t have a Bible Study method or group at Bridge.

  • Our commuters who drive in from other cities and won’t have to fight traffic on Sundays.

  • Our working people who need to be in bed on time during the week, and have weekends free with more flexibility.

  • Our online community not ready to be in person, but need a Bible study format that works well online.  (Yep! We're planning to add online DBS groups in the future!)

DBS is how we are making room for more of God together in 2022, and we want everyone to be able to join in.  


  1. There’s no homework for it–you just show up. That means ANYBODY can join in that can read. People can jump in at any time, with zero background about the Bible, and fit in just fine. It's easy!

  2. There’s nobody giving you their opinion on the text. It’s not lecture or teacher based so that the Bible text you are reading can speak for itself. And a facilitator keeps the group study moving forward. 

  3. There’s a built-in service component. Meaning every week each group asks its members, “is there any need we can meet?” And then works to meet those specific needs. It's Bible study with an outward focus–that's healthy!

  4. There’s going to be childcare for the littles during our Discovery Bible Study too!

We'd love for you to pray and think about how this fits into your spiritual growth strategy for 2022, and do whatever it takes to join in Discovery Bible Study on Sunday mornings. 



Mat & Ryann Fretschel are serving as our Discovery Bible Study Coaches in 2022.  Our prayer is that you would take the DBS method into the areas where you live, work, learn, and play. If you'd like to learn more about how to lead a DBS group, Mat & Ryann are the people to talk to!

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