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The type of Bible Study we will use is called Manuscript Study. 

In a Manuscript Study, you ask questions of the text without the numbers and headlines you typically see when you read or study the Bible. 

It’s a refreshing,  engaging, and interactive way to learn and understand the scriptures together in community while getting the historical context of the passage. 

We are starting in the book of Matthew! 

You should definitely check it out!


Some helpful info: 

  • The Manuscript Bible study will be held at The Bridge in the outdoor building 

  • No childcare available 

  • No streaming available 

  • Parking available in the culdesac on the Claremont side (the other side of the Bridge building).

  • No need to bring anything other than yourself. Everything you need will be supplied, but if you prefer to take notes in your own journal, feel free to bring it

Have any questions? 

We are happy to get you answers.

There will be no Manuscript Bible Study:

  • Thursday, November 25 (Week of Thanksgiving)

  • Thursday, December 23 (Week of Christmas)

  • Thursday, December 30 (Week of New Years)

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