Sunday Service is 10 AM at 400 West Claremont Street Pasadena, California 91103

Here’s What You Can Expect At The Bridge

When you know what to expect in a new situation, it can make the experience a lot more enjoyable, so we hope to give you a sense of ease by laying it all out what goes on during a Sunday service at the Bridge Church.

  • The creative team will set the tone through song and/or a creative performance.
  • From the platform, a team member will formally welcome everyone and say a prayer and go through any announcements to keep everyone informed.
  • A pastor will share a short message.
  • After the message, we will also talk through any next steps to take or specific application of what was covered in the message.

Regular attendees can give their tithes and offerings (the participation in financial giving that supports what we do in the church and in our community), using the enclosed giving envelope. Just drop it in one of the orange boxes in the back of the room. If you prefer to give digitally, you can use our free PUSHPAY app. Guests, feel free to take a pass on giving.

All of this, from start to finish, will last around one hour.

Bridge Church’s Life Development – From Birth to High School

Because we care about our children and yours, we’ve created programs for kids and students that are designed to fit whatever stage of life they are in. From birth through high school, we’ve got great programs that provide a safe, engaging and age-friendly way for your child to learn important life values and spiritual principles in fun, involving settings.

Birth – 2 Years

Kids are some of our favorite people. Our NURSERY is a fun and safe place for kids up to 2 years old to hang out and play with our trained volunteers. Your kids will enjoy nursery rhymes, laughs, cuddles, and naps here.

2 – 5 Years

Kids in this age group have tons of fun! As they arrive into our PRE-K area, they’re greeted by familiar friendly faces and high-fives. They’ll go into a lesson with one of our qualified volunteers, do some arts and crafts, and of course, play some awesome games. Our Pre-K program is designed to give children their First Look at God and His Word.

6-10 Years

These are the kids that ask ALL kinds of questions! Thankfully, our ELEMENTARY volunteers LOVE spending time teaching and worshipping with our kiddos here. Our Elementary program is designed to further the first look our kids get in our Pre-K program. Here, our kids are engaged in Praise and Worship, are encouraged to practice generosity, and are taught the Word of God on a deeper level. This level also allows our church to give kids their first opportunities to serve others.

Middle & High School

Our STUDENTS PROGRAM is led by Pastor Matty Ghebrekristos and designed to offer the best for kids in Middle School and High School. Students here engage in praise and worship opportunities and have a group-style, discussion-led teaching by Pastor Matty as they hang out in their “Game-Room” Themed meeting place. There are plenty of serving opportunities for kids at this level, and Pastor Matty and Jenny Ghebrekristos host Game-Nights for students, that offer plenty of room for Fun and Discipleship.

Checking In Your Kids

You’ll be able to safely CHECK-IN your kids and drop them off in their designated places. We have a transparent and secure system that allows us to see and know every kid on campus, so they get dropped off and picked up with parents assured of their safety.
*** All of our Life-Development Volunteers who work with or oversee Children are background checked***

For more info, or if you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact Pastor Matty, our Life Development Pastor HERE.



PUSHPAY is a free app for both iPhone and Android devices that allows you to use your mobile device to securely and conveniently give a financial gift to the church. It’s incredibly easy to use and is a great way to give if you don’t use cash or have your checkbook handy. Learn more at and find us by typing in “thebridgechurchla.” If you’d like to give a one-time donation or set-up a recurring payment you can click here. GIVE


We are a church that believes being baptized is an important first step for a Christian. It is an outward symbol of the inner commitment to Jesus. Because of this, we believe a celebration is in order whenever a part of the Bridge family makes this public declaration. If you have questions or would like more information please contact one of our Pastors, Matty Ghebrekristos, by emailing him here. EMAIL MATTY